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World Inequality Conference 2021, December 7-8

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The World Inequality Lab is organizing the World Inequality Conference 2021, which will be hosted by PSE - Paris School of Economics on December 7th and 8th.

Platform and Program

The Platform and Program of the World Inequality Conference 2021 are now live through the following link: Please, check this page regularly for updates. [This version: 27.11.2021].

The conference, hosted by PSE - Paris School of Economics on December 7th and 8th, 2021, will be hybrid, with all sessions streamed on line. Most sessions will have all speakers presenting in-person at PSE; a number of sessions will be virtual, with all speakers presenting remotely in Zoom; finally, a third set of sessions will be hybrid, with both in-person and remote presentations. Fully virtual sessions will also have a dedicated room at PSE where the presentations will be screened for participants at the conference venue.

The conference will be structured along four axes:

  • (i) Presentations of research on all dimensions of socioeconomic inequality.
  • (ii) The releasing of the World Inequality Report 2022.
  • (iii) Presentations on progress made in the DINA-Distributional National Accounts agenda, in the context of the ERC Synergy Project by PSE, Oxford and UC-Berkeley.
  • (iv) Plenary/invited sessions.


Requests to attend the conference (this concerns people other than speakers, authors and co-authors of accepted papers, organizers, and members of the scientific committee, who have all already registered): The registration form is closed. PSE students and faculty not yet registered and willing to attend plenary sessions can register directly at the Auditorium at the time of the event.

Organization details: There are no fees. Speakers and other participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and observing the rules concerning the pass sanitaire, visas etc.

Scientific Committee for the Parallel Sessions

Chair: Facundo Alvaredo

Members: L. Azzollini, R. Carranza Navarrete, L. Chancel, L. Estévez Bauluz, I. Flores Beale, J. Goupille-Lebret, C. Martínez Toledano, B. Nolan, T. Piketty, AS. Robilliard, E. Saez, L. Yang, G. Zucman


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