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« Il faut dire que les temps ont changé... » Chronique (fiévreuse) d’une mutation qui inquiète - Daniel Cohen - August 2018

Daniel Cohen is a founding member of the Paris School of Economics and the director of the Economic department of ENS. He is also the director of CEPREMAP (centre spécialisé dans l’interface entre la recherche économique et les administrations publiques).

After “Homo Economicus” published in 2012 and “Le Monde est clos et le désir infini” published in 2015, Daniel Cohen brings out a new book in August 2018 “Il faut dire que les temps ont changé...” Chronique (fiévreuse) d’une mutation qui inquiète at Michel Albin editions.

"We are currently in the process of trying to understand what has happened over the past 50 years.
Convulsions in the world of work, mass protests, and the confinement of younger generations in a kind of perpetual present are the consequences of the collapse of a civilisation: the industrial society.
One after the other, the utopias of the left and of the right have been shattered by a reality that can now be named: the digital society. It is transforming us into a series of information that software can process from anywhere in the world. There is a great fear across society. Has the assembly-line work of yesterday been taken over by algorithms? Are social networks the means by which minds will be reformatted?"

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