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(November 26) AEE Annual Symposium: Energy, what relations between Europe and its neighbourhood?

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On November 26, PSE will host the Association of Energy Economists (AEE) Annual Symposium on the following topic:

Energy, what relations between Europe and its neighbourhood?

November 26, 2019 ; 8:45am - 6:00pm
Venue: PSE - Paris School of Economics, 48 boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris
Room: Auditorium


Access to energy is an essential component of economic progress. For developing countries or countries in transition, establishing reliable supply systems and enabling all populations to be supplied is a major political objective. Investment needs are often considerable, while poverty problems severely constrain their financing. The contrast is therefore marked between a Europe with strong integrated networks and a very high level of security of supply, and surrounding countries where much remains to be built, locally or regionally.

For a long time, Europe has forged strong energy links with its neighbours, particularly for its supplies of gas and hydrocarbons. While these relationships continue to exist, in recent years new relationships have developed where issues of governance and greening of energy mixes are becoming increasingly important. The European Neighbourhood Policy, supported by the action of international donors, promotes a new regulatory model aimed at promoting foreign investment, the emergence of private actors and regional integration.

Efforts to transpose the “acquis communautaire”, or its approximation, highlight a set of issues and call for reflection on the relationship between countries’ needs and the organisation of their energy systems. How to extend European/State subsidiarity towards State/Territory subsidiarity? To what extent is the European model transposable? How to ensure coherence between industrial structures, the economic situation of countries and the evolution of their institutional framework? What support can the EU provide to the countries in its neighbourhood? Here are some questions that will be discussed at the 2019 Annual Conference of Energy Economists.


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