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(SCOR-PSE Chair) Newsletter #1 - December 2018

The SCOR-PSE Chair on Macroeconomic Risk has been launched in June 2018. Held by PSE, it is financed by the SCOR Foundation for Science.

Under the scientific leadership of Gilles Saint-Paul (PSE, ENS) and the executive leadership of Nicolas Dromel (PSE, CNRS), the SCOR–PSE chair aims to promote the development and dissemination of research into a number of areas linked to the issue of macroeconomic risk.

To contribute to this goal, a newsletter is now proposed, summarizing the research performed and promoted within the Chair.

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Why a SCOR-PSE Chair on macroeconomic risk?

By Gilles Saint-Paul (PSE, ENS), Scientific Director of the Chair

Highlights from the inaugural conference

The inaugural conference of the SCOR-PSE Chair, organized in Paris on June 15, 2018, featured some of the best international specialists to present and discuss research-frontier papers on macroeconomic risk. [...] The first newsletter (p3 – p9) provides a summary of the main insights from the conference :

  • Does Uncertainty Reduce Growth? Paper presented by Scott Baker (Northwestern, Kellog)
  • Learning, Confidence, and Business Cycles. Paper presented by Cosmin Ilut (Duke University)
  • Interest Rate Management in Uncertain Times. Paper presented by Andrea Vedolin (Boston University)
  • The Tail that Keeps the Riskless Rate Low. Paper presented by Julian Kozlowski (New York University)
  • Policy panel: Are we at risk of a new financial crisis? With François de Varenne (SCOR Global Investment), Olivier Garnier (Banque de France) and Gilles Saint-Paul (PSE, ENS) - moderated by Nicolas Dromel (PSE, CNRS)

Disaster risk in macroeconomics and finance

By Xavier Gabaix (Harvard)

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