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SIA Annual Conference "Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure to reach Net-Zero Emission" | March 21

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The SIA Students Association is glad to invite you to its Annual Conference on "Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure to reach Net-Zero Emission" on March 21st, from 5pm to 7pm (Paris Time).

Infrastructure plays a critical role in the development of low-carbon and climate-resilient economies and societies. Most infrastructures were not originally designed to be climate-proof but they have the potential to be transformed into sustainable infrastructures in order to comply with global warming requirements and contribute to decarbonization. This involves digitalization, technological innovation and the reorientation of finance towards sustainable infrastructure and new business models.

How can we drive infrastructure towards low-emission and climate-resilient pathways? What are the technologies available to decarbonize the energy and transport sectors, increasing energy efficiency? Are such investments worth the cost? The SIA Annual Conference will bring together leading actors in the infrastructure sector to address these exciting and challenging issues.

This Conference is also intented to give Bachelor and Master Students interested to apply to the MSc SIA to meet with the 2021-2022 SIA Students and Faculty.


  • Yves Barlier, Smart Grid Program Director at ENEDIS
  • Christian U. Haas, Chief Executive Officer at PTV Group
  • Christophe Hug, Contracting Director Deputy Managing Director at VINCI Autoroutes
  • Olivier Micheli, President and CEO at DATA4

The event will be held online (Zoom).

Registration (compulsory) via this link

See the replay of the conference: