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Webinar: Discover the MSc SIA, January 27

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SIA is a Master of Science (MSc) in economic calculation for investment decisions, applied to sectors of the economy currently in full expansion: planning, energy, environment, health, digital transformation.

It responds to a real need among firms and administrative organisations for economic assessment of investment projects. It puts together the academic excellence of degrees offered by the École des Ponts ParisTech with the innovative approach taken in courses accredited by the Paris School of Economics.

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Webinar: Discover the MSc SIA

Any questions about the SIA master’s programme?
Join our webinar on January 27th at 4:00pm (Paris time)

Take a chance to know better what the programme offers and to ask direct questions to the programme directors, staff and current students by participating to this free webinar on Zoom. It will be an excellent opportunity to interact with Clive Gallery, Carine Staropoli - the head masters of the programme - and its Administrative Manager, Homa Soroosh. This webinar will be held in English.