Economics serving society

Academic Publications

Articles (2019 - 2021)

  • Dietrich, F. (2021) “Fully Bayesian Aggregation”, Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming
  • Dietrich, F., Staras, A., Sugden, R. (2021) “Savage’s response to Allais as Broomean reasoning”, Journal of Economic Methodology, forthcoming
  • Fleurbaey M., Zuber S. (2021) “Fair utilitarianism”, forthcoming in the American Economic Journal: Microeconomics
  • E.Danan, T.Gajdos, J.M. Tallon (2021) ”Tailored recommendations”, Social Choice and Welfare.
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  • J-F Laslier “Do Kantians drive others to extinction?” (2020) Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics 13(2): 98-108. doi: 10.23941/ejpe.v13i2.501.

Chapters in book (2018 - 2021)

  • Fleurbaey, M., Zuber, S. “Discounting and intergenerational ethics”. In S. Gardiner (Ed.) Oxford H and book for Intergenerational Ethics. Under contract at Oxford University Press
  • Dietrich, F., List, C. “Judgment Aggregation”, book in progress, Cambridge University Press
  • Dietrich, F., List, C. (2021) “ The relation between degrees of belief and binary beliefs: a general impossibility theorem ». In: I. Douven (ed.) Lotteries, Knowledge, and Rational Belief. Essays on the Lottery Paradox, Cambridge University Press, pp. 223-54
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  • Dietrich, F., Spiekermann, K. (2020) “Jury Theorems”, chapter commissioned by Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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Working papers (2020 - 2021)

  • Dietrich, F., List, C. (2021) “Dynamically rational judgment aggregation”
  • Laslier, J.-F. (2021) “Universalization and altruism” halshs-03227354
  • Fleurbaey M., Zuber S. (2020) “A new puzzle in the social evaluation of risk”, CES Working Paper # 2020.28
  • Fleurbaey M., Méjean A., Pottier A., Zuber S. (2020) “The welfare implications of climate change-related mortality: Inequality and population ethics”, CS Working Paper # 2020.26
  • Ingela Alger and Jean-François Laslier (2020) “Homo moralis goes to the voting booth: coordination and information aggregation” (2020) halshs-03031118.
  • Dietrich, F., Staras, A., Sugden, R. (2020) “Beyond belief: logic in multiple attitudes”
  • Dietrich, F., Jabarian, B. (2020) “Expected value under normative uncertainty”