Economics serving society


The existing Chairs

The “International Macroeconomics” Chair, Banque de France - PSE

The Hospinnomics Chair, AP-HP - PSE

The “Labor” Chair, Mairie de Paris - DARES - DGEFP - Pôle Emploi - Unédic - PSE

The “Macroeconomic Risk” Chair, SCOR - PSE

The “Education Policy and Social Mobility” Chair, Ardian Foundation - DEPP - PSE

The « Opening Economics » Chair, Hermès - PSE

The « Measurement in Economics, Nowcasting – Beyond GDP » Chair, Insee – QuantCube – PSE – CANDRIAM – Société Générale

Creating a Chair at PSE

Entering this parternship with PSE means committing for three years (or more) to a thematic research Chair whose scientific programme is developed with the partner/s. It will be led by a world-renowned scholar and involve researchers who are specialists in the field, who will:

  • conduct high-impact research activities, including PhD and post-doctoral programmes;
  • create a network of international researchers invited by the Chair;
  • organise high-profile international conferences;
  • facilitate meetings and workshops between PSE and the partner teams;
  • offer bespoke training programmes; and
  • publish and disseminate research findings.

It also means privileged access to a pool of talented economists trained in the best grandes écoles and French universities (X, ENS, ENSAE, Université Paris 1, ...)

Your contact: partenariat

A favourable tax environment

PSE is a foundation of scientific cooperation, recognised as a public utility:
- donations are up to 60% tax-deductible for all corporate sponsors;
- for the purposes of the Crédit Impôt Recherche (research tax credit), PSE is an accredited subcontractor of R&D activities; and
- training programmes are VAT-free.

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