Economics serving society

Doctoral fellows

Doctoral students and post-docs of the Labor Chair, funding in 2022-2023

1st year:
Florentine Oliveira, thesis on “Economic integration of mothers and the future of their children”, under the direction of Eric Maurin.

Kevin Savary, thesis on “cumulating unemployment benefits and income from work”, under the direction of Dominique Meurs.

4th year :
Léonard Bocquet, thesis on “The Effects of the Great Recession on Productivity Growth”, under the direction of Lionel Fontagné.

Yagan Hazard, thesis on “Essays on the Econometrics of Treatment Effect Models and Labor Economics”, under the supervision of Luc Behaghel.

Kenza Elass, thesis on “Labor market and selection in employment”, under the direction of Cécilia Garcia-Peñalos and Christian Schluter.