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Expertise - Why work with our researchers?

Researchers at PSE conduct dozens of projects for a variety of entities: companies, ministries, International institutions, associations... Signing an expertise contract with PSE is to access intellectual and methodological resources of the highest order. These collaborations, ranging from a few weeks to several years, are the source of fruitful exchanges among private and public actors and the academic world. They often lead to extensions of the research work.

We offer two types of expertise: evaluations and studies.

Please note that, since October 2009, PSE is an accredited organisation for the purposes of the Crédit Impôt Recherche (Research tax credit).

Involving researchers in strategic issues

In an increasingly complex environment, French and international administrators who seek to develop and evaluate public policy, and private-sector decision makers confronted with difficult strategic choices, can count on the expertise of PSE scholars. Our researchers offer new analytical frameworks and they help decision makers to broaden their fields of knowledge and to master the challenges they face.

Benefit from bespoke expertise

Collaborations are carefully tailored to respond to the needs of the client. They cover a wide variety of approaches, including literature reviews, impact studies, evaluation of fiscal and social policies, cost-benefit analysis, and the study of decision-making mechanisms, modelling problems and market prospects. A specialised team of top-level researchers is put together according to the topic, aims and dimensions of the project. Team members offer companies and administrations scientific rigour, analytical depth and a diversity set of methodological tools.

Would you like to work with PSE?

Contact Clément Michaud, Partnerships chief officer, on 01 80 52 17 10 or at clement.michaud at