Economics serving society

Teaching Programmes

PhD Programme

The objective of this programme is to heighten PSE’s presence in the business world by delivering research training to future managers. The programme is aimed specifically at high-achieving students who have been trained in fields other than standard economics, such as schools of engineering, business and other disciplines... To know everything about this PhD Programme, follow this link

Executive Education

PSE offers short training courses, unique in France and Europe. Using the most recent research findings, our economists propose to enrich the knowledge and professional practices of participants, to challenge their certitudes and to give them new perspectives with which to consider the complex issues of the modern world... To know everything about the PSE Executive Education, follow this link

Economics of Transparency & Accountability

The objective of ETA is to deepen understanding and develop teaching programs on a variety of topics related to transparency and accountability : allocation procedures on public markets, mechanism for committing to transparency on international markets, codes of ethics in private firms and public administration, private supply of public utilities, foreign direct investment in weak states... To know everything about this programme, follow this link