Economics serving society

PhD programme

The objective of this programme is to heighten PSE’s presence in the business world by delivering research training to future managers. The programme is aimed specifically at high-achieving students who have been trained in fields other than standard economics, such as schools of engineering, business and other disciplines. The programme should respond to their desire to reinforce their economics training via a PhD course, based on a topic consistent with the research developed at PSE.

Selections are made on the basis of academic merit by a jury composed of the director of the PSE PhD partnership programme, the directors of PSE and PjSE, two PSE professors who are members of the Cleor, the director of the Ecole Doctorale d’Economie , and a member of Strategic Development Board.

Funding is supplied exclusively by the company for the duration of the candidature (three years). This can take the form of either a Cifre scheme, or a contract with PSE in which PSE hires the PhD candidate for a fixed term of three years for the sole purpose of finishing her/his PhD. The PhD course is structured around a company/PSE rotation. The contract with the company will provide for, in addition to the PhD candidate salary, complementary funding to cover expenses essential to the completion of the dissertation (for example, for international travel, which will be strongly recommended over the course of the thesis work for the purposes of study trips and attending conferences; computing equipment; access to data) and supervision costs.

To ensure rigorous monitoring, certain duties are required of students in relation both to their thesis committee and their courses, including either D1 courses or Master’s courses, depending on their initial training and the skills required for the successful completion of the thesis, and participation in regular PSE research seminars. The dissertation must meet academic standards (including publishable articles, presentation of research findings at academic conferences, and the like).