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NGO campaign data

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PSE provides access for academics to the Sigwatch (1) NGO campaign data; it lists for the period 2010-2015, all campaigns by NGOs in 103 different countries, against multinational firms. A synthesis on the topics has been written in June 2017.

The Data

The following databases, properties of Sigwatch, are available:

  • Raw yearly files on NGO campaigns;
  • Replication dataset for Hatte-Koenig (2018).

How to get them?

1. Fill in this Google form
2. You will receive the Non-commercial use commitment
3. Sign it and send it back to pse.sigwatch at
4. You will receive the data
5. Please send us your academic paper

Reference documents to mention


Pamina Koenig, Professor at the Rouen University and PSE Affiliate Professor
pamina.koenig at Go to her personal webpage

(1) Sigwatch tracks and analyses activist campaigns to help business manage global issue and activist risk -