Economics serving society
Thiago Scarelli

Thiago Scarelli

PhD student

Paris School of Economics, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

Campus Jourdan – 48, boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

office R3-68

Research groups: Labour and Public Economics
  • Labour Markets
  • Public policy

Thiago Scarelli is available for positions

Thiago Scarelli is an EJME candidate and JOE Network candidate

  • Primary Field: Labor Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Development Economics, Behavioral Economics
  • References: David Margolis, Luc Behaghel, John List
  • Job Market PAPER: Workers’ Preferences over Payment Schedules: Evidence from Ridesharing Drivers
  • Brief Candidate Profile:

    Thiago is an applied economist working at the intersection of labor and development, with focus on the factors that shape people's occupational choices. His recent research uses microeconometrics and field experiments to study how financial stress can push workers to prioritize labor market choices that pay fast over options that pay more.

Thesis Supervisor: Margolis David

Academic year of registration: 2019/2020

Thesis title: Occupational Choice and Liquidity Constraints in Developing Markets