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Louis Sirugue

Louis Sirugue

PhD Student

Paris School of Economics, EHESS

Campus Jourdan – 48, boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

Building Oïkos, 5th floor, office 70

Research groups: Labour and Public Economics
  • Microeconometrics
  • Economic and Social Mobility
  • Income and Wealth inequality

Thesis Supervisor: Piketty Thomas

Co-supervisor: Simon Patrick

Academic year of registration: 2020/2021

Thesis title: Inequality of opportunity across origins in France and the implications of collecting ethnic data


          - PSE · Paris School of Economics
          - CNRS · Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
          - EHESS · Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
          - ICM · Institut Convergences Migrations


Research interests:

          - Intergenerational mobility
          - Discrimination
          - Residential segregation


An introduction to my PhD thesis:
          My project aims to quantify intergenerational income mobility in France and to understand its main determinants. Special attention is given to inequality of opportunity across origins, and to the potential role played by residential segregation. By OECD standards, France is characterized by a high intergenerational persistence. As immigrants tend to face more precarious socio-economic conditions than natives, this intergenerational inertia ranks among the main plausible causes of the ethnic gap. But even conditionally on parental income, and despite similar educational investments, I observe that second-generation immigrants from North Africa consistently earn less than children of natives. Further investigation shows that this gap does not result from differences in hourly wage, but from differences in access to the labor market through employment and hours worked. I develop an empirical framework to estimate the causal impact of residential segregation on this conditional ethnic gap.

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