Economics serving society
Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann

Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann

PSE Professor

Research Director Institut national de recherche pour l’agriculture, l’alimentation et l’environnement

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

5th floor, office 09

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 16 89

  • Agricultural Economics and development
  • Trade/Migration and development
  • Income and Wealth inequality
  • International Trade and Trade policy


Documents de travail
  • Bourdieu, J., Kesztenbaum, L., Postel-Vinay, G., Suwa-Eisenmann, A. , Intergenerational Wealth Mobility in France 19th and early 20th Century
  • Gignoux, J., Menendez, M., Suwa-Eisenmann, A., Trade Liberalization in time of Rising Food Prices : Evidence from Indonesia during the 2000s
  • Cadot, O. A-C. Disdier, M. Jaud, A.Suwa-Eisenmann , Big hits in exports : growing by leaps and bounds
  • Cadot, O. A-C. Disdier, M. Jaud, A.Suwa-Eisenmann , Big hits in exports and successful exporters


  • Wealth mobility in France (with Jérôme Bourdieu, Lionel Kesztenbaum and Gilles Postel-Vinay)
  • Long run social and environmental impact of palm oil expansion in Indonesia (with Jérémie Gignoux, François Libois, Andrea Renk and Cécile Bessou, Damien Arvor, Daniela Miteva, Niels Wieelard)
  • Trade liberalization and household welfare in Indonesia (with Jérémie Gignoux and Marta Menendez)
  • Emergence of export success (with Olivier Cadot, Anne-Célia Disdier, Mélise Jaud)
  • Sanitary and phytosanitary norms as trade barriers : a comparison between the EU, the US and Japan (with Mélise Jaud, Marie-Agnès Jouanjean, Michiko Etsuyo and Kaoru Nabeshima)
  • Trade liberalization and household welfare in Egypt (with Melika Ben Salem, Jérémie Gignoux, Marta Menendez, Irene Sewalness and Chahir Zaki)