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Students’ feedback

Discover our students’ feedback on the SIA master, their internships and their career opportunities after their studies.

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Nuala Mulligan (SIA 2022-2023), OCDE
"I started the MSc in SIA after working for 10 years to get a new point of view on the role of economics and economists. I had the opportunity to delve into various facets of sustainable development, ranging from health economics to transportation, energy, intangible assets, and econometrics. The program not only equipped me with a robust theoretical foundation but also provided hands-on practical exposure to real-world challenges. The diverse range of subjects covered allowed me to develop a holistic understanding of sustainable impact analysis. The faculty members, comprising experts from academia and industry, were exceptional in their knowledge and guidance. I am now an intern in the OECD where I am working with policy analysts, economists and scientists. These interactions combined with my studies help me to impact policy formulation and decision-making."

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Yara Barbar (SIA 2021-2022)
"Coming from an economic and legal background, I was looking for a master of science that combines both theory and practice. The MSc SIA opened my eyes on how economic appraisal could be applied to a panoply of different fields. It taught me how to evaluate the financial, socio-economic and environmental impact of any project, program or policy that I could encounter in my future career. Beyond economic evaluation and investment decision, the program helped me acquire the necessary skills to create disruptive business models, design investment and financing strategies, deal with complex data and manage projects efficiently. I also had the chance to interact with top practitioners and researchers who passionately shared their knowledge and advice during classes, job forums and seminars. Finally, I can confidently say that the MSc SIA was an additional cornerstone to both my professional and personal development."

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Simon Cardoen (SIA 2021-2022)
"I wanted to complete my background in research in financial economics with quantitative and analytical skills for investment decisions applied to industrial sectors. In addition the MSc SIA offered me the opportunity to join a European private equity fund specialized in growth capital for technology and industrial companies, Jolt Capital. The program and this professional experience helped me develop the skills to design public and private investments and partnerships, manage projects, and analyze business in fast-growing economic sectors."

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Michel El-Khoury Favilla de Paula (SIA 2020-2021)
"I joined the SIA Master’s program to have a wider picture of how companies and public entities behave when it comes to evaluating a project: is it worth investing in this opportunity? By how much? What are its impacts on society and companies? Through complete and diversified courses, I have learned in how to adopt both a qualitative and a quantitative vision on various sectors and to identify the main topics that should be enhanced to achieve a more sustainable future. Despite the restrictions due to the COVID, my colleagues and I have managed to maintain our motivation and hard work routine. I have surely made friends for life; and with excellent professors, insightful seminars, continuous follow-ups, and a reactive and adaptable staff, SIA has opened a whole new world of opportunities for me."

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Liz Gabriela Huamani Avalos (SIA 2020-2021)
"It was early 2020 and I was looking for a master’s program that could combine quantitative and analytical skills for investment decisions. I wanted my background in Economics with a focus on Development Economics to be enriched with more technical skills within a stimulating academic environment. Then, I found the MSc SIA that was fitting these requirements, and, to my surprise, I found widely more than a fascinating master’s provided by two prestigious schools (Ecole des Ponts and Paris School of Economics). I found excellent professors who listen to their students and are strongly committed to them. I found as well, incredible classmates from every continent who enriched the program and became close friends. Definitively, taking part in the SIA Master’s has been one of the best decisions of my life. Currently, I do an internship at Sciences Po working on the evaluation of the Regional Health Project of the Parisian Region and certainly, SIA has given me the accurate tools to get into this experience."

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Mona Harnett (SIA 2020-2021), PIA - Paris Infrastructure Advisory
"The SIA course was crucial in re-orienteering my professional path, to be capable to make a real impact on this world.
Having had 4 years of experience in marketing, I saw the opportunity to move to Paris and endeavour a Masters at esteemed French institutions, to be an exceptional opportunity to unlock doors. This program has done exactly that. I was able to explore in which direction my potential may lay, both cognitively and professionally. Through a Capstone project, I was able to work on a CBA analysis for the Mairie de Paris. For my internship I was able to work for The World Bank, which blossomed into an ongoing consultancy role. And now I am an analyst at a Parisian economic advisory (PIA), working with developing nations to support the energy transition. It’s been hard work, but it’s fulfilling work. This course will help you, find where in the world you can make a positive change."

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Fatou Camara Thiam (SIA 2019-2021), Deloitte
"Working in a consulting firm had been my career ambition long before I joined the SIA master programme. The annual Job Forum organized by the Paris School of Economics is an excellent opportunity for students to meet with future employers. As for me, I had the chance to engage with Deloitte’s recruitment team on this occasion. Deloitte had heard of the master’s reputation and was willing to recruit one of the SIA students. After a preliminary discussion, they scheduled an interview, that eventually led to a 6-month internship. The Job Forum was a crucial step to fulfill my professional ambition."

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Gaurav Premnath (SIA 2019-2021), Lazard Paris
"I chose SIA because the degree is offered by two elite universities of France, the ENPC Ecole des Points and the Paris School of Economics. Moreover the opportunity to do a capstone project and the requirement of an internship appealed to me, since I would be able to apply the teachings of the course in a practical and professional manner. The programme has gone beyond my expectations: the teachers and administration are very tight-knit with the students, which is truly unique. In addition, the lasting relationships with other students who are of very different cultural and educational backgrounds are deeply enriching: I got to spend more time with engineering students and they have spent more time with finance and social science students like myself. Eventually, I was able to get my dream internship at Lazard Paris. PSE, an institution at the forefront of the economic conversations and society at the moment, is an excellent place to study."

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Hasnae Bakkar (SIA 2018-2020), ICTD
"Since day one of joining the SIA master program I learned a lot, the multidisciplinarity of the courses allowed me to fulfill my knowledge in different aspects that touch my interest from investment decisions to carrying out evaluations of projects in different sectors of the economy. During the year we were able to attend seminars and forums that helped us to widen our sight on the different organizations and their missions in order to choose the best internship. Eventually, I was keen to do academic research that the reason why I had my 6 months internship as a Research assistant on a project funded by the International Center for Tax and Development and inside the Institute of Economic and Social Research, this opportunity was a mile stone in my career and allowed me to learn and develop my analytical/quantitative skills."

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Charles-Elie Laly (SIA 2018-2020), Citizing
"During my SIA master, I did an internship at Citizing Consulting that eventually led to a full-time position as an analyst. The SIA faculty network and the job forum have been of significant support to find this opportunity, which is a crucial step towards employment."
Today, his job consists in assessing the relevance and value of public projects and conducting market studies for Citizing.

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Cecilia Veiga (SIA 2018-2020), Lyxor Asset Management
"Before joining the SIA master programme, I had done different internships in consulting and financial advisory that comforted me in continuing on this career path. During the Job Forum, I attended the companies’ presentations and got the chance to engage with professionals, which convinced me to pursue more specifically in asset management. After a couple of internship interviews, I eventually joined Lyxor Asset Management’s Cross-Asset Research department for 6 months. This position surpassed all my expectations and taught me immensely. The opportunity given by the Job Forum to get in touch with so many different companies was imperative for me to understand my real career objectives and interests."