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(9-10 décembre) The Economics of Energy Transition

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Le workshop thématique Winter 2019 de FAERE se tiendra à PSE les 9 et 10 décembre 2019. Le workshop portera sur la transition énergétique et inclura des sujets sur l’utilisation des combustibles fossiles, les énergies renouvelables, l’efficacité énergétique, l’innovation et les instruments de la transition énergétique.

Winter 2019 thematic workshop of FAERE

Lieu :
PSE - Ecole d’économie de Paris, 48 boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris
Le 9 décembre : Salle R1-13
Le 10 décembre : Salle R1-15


December 9th

08h30 - 09h00 Welcome

09h00 - 10h00 Session 1

Cyril Bourgeois, Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet (CIRED) and Philippe Quirion - “The multiple benefits of recycling carbon- tax revenue as energy-efficiency subsidies”

Marc Baudry and Nathaly Cruz (Economix) : “Revisiting the Energy Efficiency Gap : dynamic Equilibrium with Rational Expectations on the Housing Market”

10h00 - 10h30 Coffee Break

10h30 - 11h30 Invited Lecture 1

Hassan Benchekroun, Gerard van der Meijden (VU Amsterdam) and Cees Withagen - “OPEC, Shale Oil, and Global Warming : On the Importance of the Order of Extraction”

11h30 - 12h30 Session 2

Renaud Coulomb (Univ Melbourne), Fanny Henriet, Léo Reitzmann - “Missed opportunities in pollution mitigation : evidence from the oil sector”

Jean-Pierre Amigues (TSE), Michel Moreaux - “Optimal Energy Transitions Under More or Less Severe Climate Constraints” (tbc)

12h30 - 13h45 Lunch

13h45 - 14h45 Invited Lecture 2. Sjak Smulders - tba

14h45 - 16h15 Session 3

Aude Pommeret (Université de Savoie) and Katheline Schubert - « Energy transition with variable and intermittent renewable electricity generation »

Yuting Yang (TSE) - “Electricity Interconnection with Intermittent Renewables”

Rodica Loisel (Université de Nantes) and Lionel Lemiale - “Nuclear and Renewables in deregulated markets. Do scenarios anticipate short-term intermittency ?”

16H15 - 16h45 Coffee break

16H45 - 17h45 Session 4

Gary Linam and Salvatore Di Falco (University of Geneva) - “Droughts and household energy choices – evidence from low- and middle-income countries “

Romanic Baudu, Dorothée Charlier and Bérangère Legendre (Université Savoie Mont-Blanc) - “Fuel Poverty and Health : a Panel Data Analysis”

Conference Dinner

December 10th

09h00 - 10h00 Invited lecture 3

Jan Abrell (ETH), M. Kosch and S. Rausch - “How effective was the UK Carbon Tax ? A Machine Learning Approach to Policy Evaluation”

10h00 - 10h30 Session 5

Geoffrey Barrows, Raphael Calel, Martin Jegard, Hélène Ollivier (PSE) “Market Power & Incomplete Regulation : An Application to the EU ETS”

10h30 - 11h00 Coffee break

11h00 - 12h30 Session 6

Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet, Matthieu Glachant (Mines ParisTech), Jean-Philippe Nicolaï - “Selling Electricity or Saving Electricity ? Energy Saving Obligations in Liberalized Energy Markets”

Thomas Cortade and Jean-Christophe Poudou (Univ. Montpellier) “Peer-to-Peer Energy Platforms : Incentives to Install Decentralized Production Units”

Denis Claude (Univ. of Burgundy) and Mabel Tidball : A new rationale for not picking low hanging fruits : The separation of ownership and control

12h30 - 13h45 Lunch

13h45 - 14h45 Invited Lecture 4 Matti Liski – tba

14h45 - 16h15 Session 7

Behrang Shirizadeh, Quentin Perrier and Philippe Quirion (CIRED) “How sensitive are optimal fully renewable power systems to technology cost uncertainty”

Côme Billard (University Paris-Dauphine), Anna Creti and Antoine Mandel - “How Environmental Policies Spread ? A Network Approach to Diffusion in the U.S.”

Quentin Hoaraua (Université Paris Sud), Guy Meunier – “Green cascades : optimal abatement across interconnected sectors”


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