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EAYE Annual Conference 2024
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The main objective of the EAYE Annual Meeting, previously known as the Spring Meeting of Young Economists (SMYE), is to help young economists present their work, get constructive feedback from their peers, create opportunities to strengthen their research and build their network.

To offer a relaxed atmosphere and to prevent the anonymity large conferences might suffer from, the number of presenters is limited to 150. Therefore, admittance to the conference is highly competitive, and the acceptance rate is around 25-30%. Decisions are entirely based on research quality. The casual atmosphere of the EAYE annual meeting thus goes together with the excellence of presenters coming from the best universities and institutions worldwide.

Furthermore, the EAYE invites every year keynote speakers to address the annual meeting. We are proud that many excellent researchers, including Nobel Laureates, have participated in the EAYE Annual Meeting !

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