La science économique au service de la société
Arnold Chassagnon

Arnold Chassagnon

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Groupes de recherche : Comportements, bien-être et normes
  • Théorie des jeux
  • Équilibre général
  • Contrats et Mechanism Design
  • Santé
  • Risque

Welfare economy

This course is an introduction to Publics Economics. The course is in two parts, the first one dealing with theory and concepts, and the second one being more applied.  Each part is divided in 5 lectures.


The thema of the first five lectures are developped below. Most of the class material is borrowed from the book of Joseph E. Stiglitz entitled ``Economics of the public sector'', w.w. Norton & company


Chapter 1 is devoted to introduce the concept of welfare, at an individual and at a collective level. It defines in particular Happiness, Utility, Pareto efficiency and Social Welfare function.


Chapter 2 summarize the ecomic theory of the State


Chapter 3 presents the panel of taxes in France, and more generally present for the french governement her expenditure and revenue


Chapter 4 compare the two concepts of Efficiency and Equity. It presents differents measures of inequalities















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