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Hippolyte d'Albis

Hippolyte d'Albis

Professeur à PSE

Directeur de recherche CNRS

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

4e étage, bureau 02

  • Economie mathématiques
  • Démographie et migrations
  • Economie démographique et économie de la famille
  • Patrimoine, revenu, redistribution et fiscalité
  • Protection Sociale
  • Croissance
  • Retraites

Sélection de publications

The full list is here : publication-list.pdf

  • Health Accidents and Wealth Decline in Old Age (with B. Legendre and N. El Mekkaoui). Social Science and Medicine 332, 116117, 2023.
  • Quantification of the Effects of Climatic Conditions on French Hospital Admissions and Deaths Induced by SARS-CoV-2 (with D. Coulibaly, A. Roumagnac, E. de Carvalho Filho and R. Bertrand). Scientific Reports 11:21812, 2021.
  • Development, Fertility and Childbearing Age: A Unified Growth Theory (with A. Greulich and G. Ponthière). Journal of Economic Theory 177, 461-494, 2018.
  • Macroeconomic Evidence Suggests that Asylum Seekers are not a "Burden" for Western European Countries (with E. Boubtane and D. Coulibaly). Science Advances 4 (6): eaaq0883, 2018.
  • Is Low Fertility Really a Problem? Population Aging, Dependency, and Consumption (with R. Lee, A. Mason et al.). Science 346 (6206), 229-234, 2014.
  • Persistent Differences in Mortality Patterns across Industrialized Countries (with L. J. Esso and H. Pifarré i Arolas). PLoS ONE 9 (9): e106176, 2014.
  • Discontinuous Initial Value Problems for Functional Differential-algebraic Equations of Mixed Type (with E. Augeraud-Véron and H. J. Hupkes). Journal of Differential Equations 253 (7), 1959-2024, 2012.
  • Mortality Transition and Differential Incentives for Early Retirement (with S. P. Lau and M. Sánchez-Romero). Journal of Economic Theory 147 (1), 261-283, 2012.
  • Competitive Growth in a Life-cycle Model: Existence and Dynamics (with E. Augeraud-Véron). International Economic Review 50 (2), 459-484, 2009.
  • Demographic Structure and Capital Accumulation. Journal of Economic Theory 132 (1), 411-434, 2007.