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Associations PSE

SYNAPSE, l’association des étudiants de PSE

Contact : synapse chez

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Members of the Bureau :
President : Mélitine Malézieux
Treasurer : Julie Célérier
Secretary : Agathe Eupherte
Other members : Bhavya Agarwal, Olympia Arango, Julien Bargeton, Corin Blanc, Hugo Schianchi, Michael Sixdenier.

The Synapse Association has two main goals. One the one hand, its objective is to organize parties and cultural events in and outside PSE to promote a « school spirit » and increase students’ occasions to meet and share good times together. On the other hand, it has the ambition to be a complement to the formations provided at PSE. The goal is to strengthen the relations with the Alumni, and to build great opportunities (internships, round tables...) for the students at PSE and their future professional paths. Come to meet us in Room 1-01 !

ALUMNI, l’association des anciens de PSE

Président : Hugo Rzasa

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Secrétaire Général : Alban George
Trésorière : Clémence Bois
Contact : alumni chez
PSE Alumni was created in the end of 2010. This association aims to create a professional network between Paris School of Economics’ former master and PhD students. The main goals are the continuous effort to get back in touch with older generations, the production of the Alumni directory, the centralization of jobs offers to spread within the network.