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Climate and Biodiversity: Interdisciplinary Workshop

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On October 15, 2021, the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Climate and Biodiversity brought together specialists of climate policy, biodiversity, food and animal welfare from economics, philosophy and environmental sciences, to explore policy issues at the interface of climate change and biodiversity.

This event was organized by the “Opening Economics” Chair, Hermès-PSE and ENS-CERES. It was held at PSE - Paris School of Economics.

You can find the replay of all the presentations held during the event:

Climate (part 1)

  • Hélène Ollivier: “Is carbon pricing bad for competitiveness? The EU ETS”

  • Jean-Pascal van Ypersele: “Science of climate change: The latest IPCC assessment”

  • Simon Caney: “Living justly within ecological limits”

Biodiversity (part 1)

  • Katheline Schubert: “The value of biodiversity as an insurance device”

  • Tatiana Visak: “Considering non-human along with human welfare: some ethical challenges”

  • Irène Hu: “Man Overboard! Industrial Fishing as Driver of Migration Out of Africa”

Biodiversity (part 2)

  • Ian Bateman: “Bringing climate, biodiversity and other ecosystem services into economic decision making”

  • Mark Budolfson: “Quantifying animal welfare, and integrating with existing ecosystem models”

  • Jocelyne Porcher: “Domestic biodiversity, human work, animal work”

Climate (part 2)

  • Frances Moore: “Use and non-use value of nature and the social cost of carbon”

  • Kian Mintz-Woo: “Biodiversity losses and damages”

  • Robert Socolow: “Can wilderness values survive renewable energy?”

  • Keynote - Corinne Le Quéré: “Using land in the context of a changing climate and Net Zero targets”