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Opening Economics Chair


Hermès and Paris School of Economics have created the "Opening Economics" Research Chair.
Led by Jean-Olivier Hairault and Jean-Marc Tallon, respectively Director and Head of Research at PSE, this chair has the ambitious objective of opening up economics to and through other disciplines.

- Press release from the "Opening Economics" Research Chair (PDF - 283 kb)



Several activities are on the chair’s agenda:


The goal of the "Opening Economics" Research Chair is to allow economists to respond in creative and effective ways to the major questions of our times, by integrating two observations: that current challenges, complex and multifaceted as they are, demand an approach that transcends disciplinary boundaries, and that economics research must be renewed by advances made in other, related disciplines.

The chair is supported by the scientific leaders of four current research projects:

  • An integrated approach of economic decisions”. Holders: Nicolas Jacquemet and Jean-Marc Tallon. In order to understand the complexity and the constraints of the human mind in the face of change, researchers in behavioural economics and psychology work with cognitivist scientists and neurobiologists. The range of subjects in the field include memory, the emotions, perceptions, learning, and (in)attention.
  • Society and Environment”. Holders: Lucas Chancel and François Libois. Climate change, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, multiform pollutions... The social and economic sciences, together with the environmental sciences, have a major rôle to play in better identifying and measuring not only the vulnerabilities posed by these processes but also the opportunities, in order to design appropriate responses to them.
  • Economics – Philosophy”. Holders: Marc Fleurbaey and Jean-François Laslier. The potentially fruitful exchanges between economics and philosophy range over several subjects – social justice, collective choices and democracy, the rationality of decisions – and aim to produce responses to the challenges facing our societies that are democratic, inclusive and ethical.
  • "Urban economics, history and society”. Holders: Camille Hémet. Two dimensions seem particularly promising for advancing our studies of urban questions, which have been developing rapidly in recent years: the historical and social dimensions, and the interaction between the two. These elements are found at the crossroads of several disciplines, especially economics, history, sociology and geography.

Chair’s holders

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Jean-Olivier Hairault - Director of PSE, Chair Professor at PSE and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

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Jean-Marc Tallon - Director of Research at PSE, Professor at PSE, Director of Research CNRS.

Fellow Researchers

Lucas Chancel, Associate Researcher at PSE, Professor at Sciences Po,
Franz Dietrich, Professor at PSE, Director of Research CNRS,
Marc Fleurbaey, Professor at PSE, Director of Research at CNRS,
Camille Hémet, Professor at PSE and at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne,
Nicolas Jacquemet, Professor at PSE, Director of Research CNRS,
François Libois, Professor at PSE, Researcher at INRAE,
Stéphane Zuber, Professor at PSE, Director of Research CNRS.

Steering Committee

To coordinate its work, the Chair has set up a steering committee made up of the Chair holders : Jean-Olivier Hairault et Jean-Marc Tallon and one partner’s representative : Olivier Fournier (President, Hermès).

PSE Partner

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