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« Une brève histoire de l’économie » | Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen sums up the history of economics, thus synthesising his life’s work. He presents an overview of the evolution of society in this field, culminating in a reflection on the struggle between man and machine.

Une brève histoire de l’économie

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From the plough to digital technology, from the ecological crash to the new financial capitalism, Daniel Cohen looks back at the major stages in the history of the economy and society. Revisiting his work, he proposes a reflection on economic growth, which has become the religion of the modern world.
What are our real needs? Why are the French less happy than other people? How far can we adapt to an economic model? What is gross domestic happiness? Will we survive artificial intelligence?
These are the burning questions that are answered in this accessible book, which combines economics, history and anthropology to take us on a fascinating journey to understand human desire.
A prodigious synthesis of iconoclastic thinking.

The author

Daniel Cohen was Chairman of the Board of Directors (2021-2023) and Professor at the Paris School of Economics. He was also Professor at the École normale supérieure - PSL and Director of CEPREMAP (Centre pour la recherche économique et ses applications). Daniel Cohen has published several books: "Homo numericus: La ’civilisation’ qui vient" (Albin Michel, 2022), "Contre la solitude sociale" (Editions de l’Aube, 2020), "Il faut dire que les temps ont changé..." - Chronique (fiévreuse) d’une mutation qui inquiète" (Albin Michel, 2018), "Le Monde est clos et le désir infini" (Albin Michel, 2015), "5 crises - 11 nouvelles questions d’économie contemporaine" (Albin Michel, 2013), "Homo economicus, prophète (égaré) des temps nouveaux" (Albin Michel, 2012) and "La prospérité du vice" (Albin Michel, 2009).