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COVID-19: research work and press pieces

The health crisis unleashed by the global spread of COVID-19 has created innumerable challenges for countries all around the world. All sectors of society and economy have been shaken, from one day to the next: hospitals and the whole health sector, agriculture and food distribution, transport and trade, industrial and energy production, the sporting and cultural sectors, and financial and insurance agents.

This special issue - regularly updated - presents the research and press contributions of PSE economists. The newest Academic articles published in the last few weeks are now available. Since March 2020, our researchers have initiated urgent research into the pandemic (WP, mimeos) and established dedicated projects on the COVID-19. They have also written numerous Policy & Issue Briefs, and made several interventions in French and overseas media.

Last updated: July 9, 2021

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Academic Publications

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Mimeos and Working Papers

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Policy Briefs, Issue Briefs

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Projects in progress on the pandemic

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Press articles

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