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Workshop | Getting out of RSA and long-term unemployment | November 28

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The Paris School of Economics is glad to invite you to the "Getting out of RSA and long-term unemployment" workshop organized by the Labor Chair in partnership with the Centre pour la recherche économique et ses applications (Cepremap), the Institut des politiques publiques (IPP) and Pôle emploi.

  • Date: November 28, 2023 ; 9:00-17:30
  • Venue: Paris School of Economics
    48 bd Jourdan, 75014 Paris



09:00-09:15 - Welcome

09:15-10:15 - Support for the long-term unemployed and those receiving RSA benefits - objectives and methods of action

Presentation by Pôle Emploi on existing measures for DEDLs and DEDL-RSAs, difficulties encountered, current and planned experiments

10:15-11:15 - What do we know about the return to employment of the long-term unemployed?

Summary of existing research on long-term unemployment and the trajectories of recipients of minimum social benefits

11:15-11:30 - Break

11:30-12:15 - Remobilization or demobilization?

Summary of the effects of increased conditionality of minimum social benefits and sanctions

12:15-12:45 - What research is currently underway?

Presentation of work in progress on financial obstacles to training for the long-term unemployed

  • Todor Tochev, postdoctoral fellow at the Paris School of Economics

12:50-13:00 - Workshop presentation for "Pôle Emploi"

13:00-14:00 - Lunch

Room R1-14

14:00-16:50 - Workshops

The workshops bring together Pôle Emploi staff and researchers to discuss solutions to problems encountered.

Workshop 1 - Getting in touch with the right person and directing them to the right program
Room R1-16, led by Guillaume Allègre and Lily Savey

Workshop 2 - Over time: maintaining motivation, commitment and trust
Room R1-09, led by Dominique Meurs and Todor Tochev

Workshop 3 - Reorientation and intermediate stages: developing support
Room R5-10, led by Mathieu Perona and Joyce Sultan

17:00-17:30 - Restitution

Room R1-09

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The Labor Chair aims to is to attract the best young scholars (doctoral and post-doctoral) working on labor issues, to form a network of affiliated researchers, and to create and disseminate accessible academic work, and thus to refine our understanding of trends in work, employment dynamics, wages and unemployment.