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INTERNATIONAL TRADE - Firms, policies and distributional outcomes

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The 2021 edition will be offered both online and on the PSE campus. Details about this programme and the applications will be posted here soon.

This programme addresses recent debates at the frontier of the field: the distributive effects of trade, the performances of firms in the global economy, advances in methods to analyze international trade flows (structural gravity), and the revival of trade policies.

The programme revolves around the following questions. What are the consequences of globalization on income distribution? What are the effects of reductions of both output and input tariffs on firm productivity gains and at product innovation and wages? Why are firms that export not only the most productive but also sell products at higher prices (unit values) on the export market? What are the recent developments in the political economy of trade policy? How can quantitative trade models be used to evaluate the impact of an economic dis‐integration shocks such as Brexit? How do tax and trade policies interact when multinational firms are engaged in profit shifting activities? How can we quantify the effects of trade and other policies with the gravity model?


Participants will learn about the very recent developments in both theory and empirics of international trade.

« Lectures from professors were really interesting! And I got insightful advises from professors. » Malo, 2018

« It was an atmosphere of companionship! A feeling of “we are all on the same boat”. » Daniel, 2019


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Master or Graduates in economics with strong theoretical and empirical skills.

How will professionals benefit from the programme

The programme will present the recent developments in international trade policies and performances of exporting firms. Quantification of the effects of trade policies and their impact on inequalities will be provided. This will improve professionals’ ability to critically evaluate research in this field.

How will students benefit from the programme

The programme will offer a comprehensive review of trade models and empirical methods. Hands-on session (in Stata) will complement the lectures of the course.

Participants profiles

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