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Application and fees

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Students that are enrolled in Ukrainian universities and professionals working in Ukraine may participate free of charge.
- Please follow the usual application procedure for evaluation (see below).
- In addition, email us at summer-school at to let us know about your application and particular situation.

In 2024, the PSE Summer School offers 10 five-day programs: Climate Change - Development economics in the field - The Economics of Gender - Experimental Economics - Industrial Organization - Inequality and Institutions - International Trade - Macroeconomics - Microeconometrics - Migration Economics.

The details about the application process, the fees, the cancellation policy... are the same for all the programs. Everything that is written in this section is also available in the "Fees" page of each program.

Applications at a glance

The applications process will open on January 17th

Your application must include

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  • A current resume in pdf format
  • A scan or pdf of your most advanced degree
  • A short motivation text
  • A photo of yourself [not used in the application process]
  • For Students (PhD included): proof of status
  • Optional - Letter(s) of recommendation

You may apply to several programmes. After starting your application to one programme you may duplicate it for another programme. Note that you will receive separate replies.


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Download this document in pdf version - (PDF - 582 Ko)

Lunches and social events are included in the on site fees.

A 10% discount is offered to:

  • Group of 4 people or more.
    To benefit from this discount: summer-school at
  • PSE Students & Alumni (Masters, PhD and Summer school)

Cancellation policy

Confirmed participants who wish to cancel must do so in writing by email. In this case, your tuition fees will be partially refunded as follows :

  • Cancellation before May 31, 2024: 50% refund
  • Cancellation after May 31, 2024: no refund possible

If you must cancel due to force major (e.g., you have been refused a visa or sudden illness), you will be fully reimbursed upon providing proof of the reason.

How to pay the tuition fees?

You have been selected to attend the PSE Summer School 2024 and wish to finalize your registration by paying the tuition fees. Go to the dedicated "Online payment" section where each steps is detailed. Should you have any doubt, please contact us directly via summer-school at