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Economic Policy

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Since its creation, PSE’s ambition has been to inform public debate about economic policy using the most rigorous methods at the highest levels of international research.

This ambition was behind the creation of the Institut des politiques publiques (IPP), which aims to promote the analysis and quantitative evaluation of public policies, using cutting-edge economics research methods and micro-simulation tools. Established in 2011 by PSE and developed in partnership with the GENES, the IPP has grown progressively, reaching a budget of 1.2 million euros in 2020.

Two partnerships formed under the umbrella of the University Research School sustain this ambition from the point of view of the analysis of economic policies: the PSE-CEPII partnership investigates international and environmental policies, while the PSE-Cepremap partnership is centred on macroeconomic and budgetary policy, in tandem with the IPP at the moment of the annual state Budget.