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PSE’s scholarly work is organised around eight thematic research groups, which structure the Joint Research Unit (PjSE), hosted by the Foundation. These thematic groups structure PSE academic activity, including seminars, publications and conferences.

The research groups also develop collaborative projects of specified duration with external researchers who are open to new multidisciplinary and international relationships. Some collaborative projects become permanent research labs like the WIL-World Inequality Lab, the Center for Economic and Social History François Simiand, J-PAL Europe - The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, the LEEP-Experimental Economics and the European Tax Observatory in which PSE plays a key role along with other institutions.

PSE supports thematic and methodological research initiatives that aim to use internal and external strengths to push the frontiers of knowledge, in radical and innovative ways, in fields that rank high on the Foundation’s research agenda. Hence, in the face of the climate emergency, the PSE Environment Initiative, offers proposals to create the basis for a new model of sustainable growth in both production and consumption, and to create a transition that is socially acceptable and economically viable.

The Paris School of Economics also plays a particularly active role in the production and dissemination of data, notably through the creation and/or support of various open data projects.

Research Groups

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Discover the eight PSE Resarch Groups at the center of the scientific activities:

Economics of Human Behavior - Development - Globalization, Political Economy, Trade - Economic and Social History - Macroeconomics - Regulation, Environment, Market - Economic Theory - Labour and Public Economics

Academic Activity

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Throughout the year, PSE organizes or co-organizes hundreds of research seminar sessions and dozens of scientific events:

The scientific production of PSE researchers can be broken down into:

Research Labs

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The PSE-Environment Initiative

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The thematic group “Regulation, Environment, Market” is one of the essential levers of this Initiative, to which is attached the collaborative project “Society and Environment” designed to broaden the scientific conversation to researchers from the environmental sciences. The objective is to propose responses to the climate emergency, both to lay the foundations for a new model of sustainable growth in terms of production and consumption and to make the transition socially acceptable and economically viable. Read more about this initiative.

Open Data

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  • IPP tax and benefit tables : all public policy legislation in France (social security contributions, income tax, capital taxation, etc.).
  • D-FIH - Data for Financial History : exhaustive database on financial instruments, balance sheets and corporate governance of companies listed on the Paris stock market (1796 - 1977).
  • French Human Mortality Database : “satellite” database of the Human Mortality Database providing detailed data to anyone interested in the history of human longevity (1901 - 2015).