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Podcast | Climate Migration | Katrin Millock

In this podcast of Economics for everybody, Katrin Millock takes the floor to enlighten us on the subject of climate migration. She discusses the causes, the stakes, and the consequences related to this subject.

Based on the work:

Cristina Cattaneo, Michel Beine, Christiane J. Fröhlich, Dominic Kniveton, Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso, Marina Mastrorillo, Katrin Millock, Etienne Piguet, and Benjamin Schraven, 2019, Human migration in the era of climate change, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, volume 13, number 2, pp. 189-206

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Katrin Millock is a Professor at Paris School of Economics, Senior Research Fellow CNRS, member of the French Collaborative Institute on Migration, Institut Convergences Migrations, and co-editor of the journal Environmental and Resource Economics. Her recent research focuses on climate change adaptation, in particular climate-induced migration.

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- Luis Becerra-Valbuena and Katrin Millock, 2021, Gendered migration responses to drought in Malawi, Journal of Demographic Economics. Find out more Gendered migration responses to drought in Malawi

The World Bank reports :
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- Viviane Clement, Kanta Kumari Rigaud, Alex de Sherbinin, Bryan Jones, Susana Adamo, Jacob Schewe, Nian Sadiq, and Elham Shabahat, 2021, Groundswell Part 2 : Acting on Internal Climate Migration, Washington, World Bank

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