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XIX World Economic History Congress | From 25 to 29 July

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Paris School of Economics is pleased to invite you to the 19th World Congress of Economic History, which starts on 25-29 July 2022. The theme of the Congress is “resources” as one of the main challenges of the contemporary world. The Congress proposes sessions on all categories of resources, i.e. natural, material, immaterial and human (labour and skills): water, air, energy, food, raw materials, labour, capital, patents, etc.

The organizing committee welcomes a large set of approaches in economic history including social history, urban and rural history, history or economics of finance, sciences and technologies, gender history, cultural history, etc. – and crossovers with other disciplinary fields, including management studies, demography, geography, environment, anthropology, sociology, socio-psychology etc. It also invites panels about methods in economic history, history of economic thought or economic theory, as well as innovative discussion of new sets of data and archives, or public communication of new (or renewed) results in economic history.

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