Economics serving society

An integrated approach of economic decisions

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Holders : Nicolas Jacquemet and Jean-Marc Tallon

Presentation : Individual or strategic decision making is approached in a complementary manner by cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience and economics. With their own language, different approaches and methodologies, each of these disciplines sheds light on the decision-making process in relation to the environment in which it takes place.

In what ways do decisions depend on the stimuli, constraints or incentives to which agents are subjected? What role does the sometimes imperfect perception of these stimuli play? How are decisions influenced by the context in which they are made, and by the decisions of others, by the nature of strategic interactions - and, conversely, how are these interactions shaped by certain cognitive constraints? How does information (or learning, from a dynamic perspective) about their consequences, often available in an unstructured way, affect them? What form does this learning take and how are advances in machine learning useful for understanding it?

The objective of this collaborative project is to answer these questions in an inter-disciplinary way by federating the work of researchers from all disciplines of decision sciences.