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PSE Thematic files on International Migrations

May 2022

> Hillel RapoportEditorial: Why Economists should care about international migration ?

> Katrin MillockPodcast: Les migrations climatiques.

> Liam Wren-LewisComic: From the schoolyard to adulthood: does ethnic diversity determine our future relationships?

> Benjamin MichalletInfographic: Forced emigration: the origin and prospects of refugees in France (OPReF)

> Sarah Schneider-StrawczynskiChart: Does the opening of a refugee centre impact the support for the extreme right?

> Hippolyte d’AlbisPatrick SimonInterview

  • L’impact des médias sur les attitudes envers l’immigration, De Facto (2022). — avec Schneider-Strawczynski, S. Link
  • Penser les exils, #1257 (2022) — avec Michallet, B. et Rapoport H. Link
  • The Contribution of Migration to Regional Development in OECD Countries (2022), OECD Report. Paris. — with Özgüzel, C. Link
  • When Innovation Has No Borders, Culture Is Key (2022), BCG Henderson Institute — with D. Harnoss, J. Link
  • The CEO Agenda for an Era of Innovation Without Borders (2022), BCG Henderson Institute — with D. Harnoss, J. Link