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For a successful Energy Transition Chair

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AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) and the AXA Research Fund have joined forces with Paris School of Economics (PSE) to launch a new research chair: “For A Successful Energy Transition”, in order to further identify the conditions for an energy transition to a net zero emissions world.

- Press release - Launch of “For A Successful Energy Transition” research chair (PDF - 206ko)



Several activities are on the chair’s agenda:


This chair incorporates three pillars:

  • To better understand the scale of the cost induced by the energy transition, in particular assess the impact of climate policies in terms of stranded assets and green investments,
  • To identify the macroeconomic scenarios of the transition and their consequences,
  • To reassess the instruments of climate policies in terms of their social and political acceptability.

Climate policies will likely have to focus on instruments other than simply taxing carbon emissions. Without a carbon price, or with a price that is too low, where should investments be directed? How, in turn, do these investments interact with the more conventional climate policies already in place? Finally, what kind of tools should be put in place to reconcile efficiency and social support?

To address these issues, the chair’s work will combine theoretical analysis of mechanisms, simulations, and empirical analysis based on historical data. Surveys and experiments will be conducted to better understand the preferences and behaviors of individuals towards the types of instruments that can be considered and their link in building trust in institutions.

Chair’s holders

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Mouez Fodha – Professor at PSE and University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

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Fanny Henriet – Professor at PSE and CNRS Research Fellow.

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Katheline Schubert – Professor at PSE and University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Steering Committee

To coordinate its work, the Chair has set up a steering committee made up of the Chair’s holders : Katheline Schubert, Fanny Henriet, Mouez Fodha and partners’ representatives : Gilles Moëc (AXA Group Chief Economist and Head of Research at AXA IM), Nancie Vendette (Head of Communication, Corporate Responsibility and Smart Working at AXA IM) and Marie Bogataj (Head of the AXA Research Fund and Group Foresight).

PSE Partners

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AXA’s scientific philanthropy initiative is committed to supporting top-tier and transformative academic research on major global risks and to help disseminate this knowledge to inform decision making and contribute to societal progress.