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The World Inequality Lab

The World Inequality Lab aims to promote research on global inequality dynamics. Its core mission is to maintain and expand the World Inequality Database. It also produces inequality reports and working papers addressing substantive and methodological issues.

The Lab regroups about twenty research fellows, research assistants and project officers based at the Paris School of Economics. It is supervised by the same executive committee as, composed of 5 co-directors. The World Inequality Lab works in close coordination with the large international network (over one hundred researchers covering nearly seventy countries) contributing to the database.

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On-going fundings (PSE Researchers)

Distributional National Accounts (DINA) and the Project
Starting in: September 2018 – Ending in: September 2021
Holder: Facundo Alvaredo (PSE / EHESS)
Funding: INET – Institute for New Economic Thinking
The World Inequality Lab has received a grant from the Institute for New Economic Thinking, which will support the expansion of the database, the updating of wealth/income ratio analyses, and the extension of the income and wealth work to groups not currently covered by the studies.

Wealth Accumulation and Inequality in China and its Neighboring Emerging Countries: Trends, Drivers and Policy Implications
Starting in: September 2018 – Ending in: August 2020
Holder: Li Yang (WIL / PSE)
Funding: Commission Européenne
The CHNIEQ project studied changes in income and distribution in China, in the context of the rapid economic growth that the country has experienced over the last forty years.