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Around two thirds of graduates choose to pursue further studies when they finish their APE Masters – about 60% of them in French doctoral programmes (of which one third go to PSE, and also to the Polytechnique, to Sciences Po, in particular) and the rest in anglophone countries (including Brown, Columbia, LSE, MIT, Princeton and Yale).

Among those who decide to enter the labour market, one graduate in three goes overseas and in total, half join the private sector (including AXA, Deloitte, McKinsey, Société Générale), and next, the public and semi-public sector (e.g. Banque de France, INSEE, Trésor), and finally international organisations (World Bank, the IMF). More than 95% of APE Masters (2012-15) are hired within three months of having received their degree – a majority even before the end of the academic year.