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Details about the programme

Supervision of PhD students

  • Doctoral courses: The PhD student must follow and validate a PhD course in his/ her field of research during the first year of the PhD. The PhD courses, carried by the thematic groups of PSE, offer a high-level research training. He/she must also validate another doctoral course of his/her choice before the end of the second year.
  • Seminars: The PhD student must actively participate in at least one international seminar, in which he/ she is exposed to the frontiers of research in his/her field, and at least one internal seminar.
  • The thesis committee: meets every 12 months, it is made up of the thesis director and one or two other members, who are PSE researchers (junior or senior) who will be a force of support to follow the progress of the thesis. This committee reports annually on the progress made, makes suggestions for what to do next, gives advice on overcoming obstacles and for possible international mobility. It also ensures the PhD student’s participation in the courses and seminars available, and strengthens their integration into scientific life within and outside the foundation.
  • The mock examination of the thesis: this precedes the final presentation by a few months and this allows a pre-review of the entire thesis by designated members confidentially. The PhD student can then prepare a revised version of his/her thesis taking into account the recommendations received following the mock examination; this revised thesis may be resubmitted to a new mock examination committee or be directly submitted to the final PhD examination.
  • the PhD Training Council : once a year from the 2nd year, the student can meet the monitoring committee, made up of external members during the thesis process. This committee makes it possible to take a cross-sectional update, in particular on possible personal difficulties, and to provide the best support for these students towards the finalization of their thesis.

In addition, many internal seminars dedicated to PhD students exist; they can present their work there in an “informal” way and interact with other researchers (PES or guests).

International Partners

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  • European Doctorate in Economics Erasmus Mundus (EDEEM)
  • Programme doctoral européen en économie quantitative (EDP) [see the dedicated brochure]
  • Quantitative Economics Doctorate (QED)

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