La science économique au service de la société

Les étudiants 2023-2024

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Mohammed Ouassime EL YAMANI

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  • En quelques mots : Mohammadia School of Engineers (EMI) graduate with a major in Electrical and Energy Management and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Investment Appraisal and Analysis (SIA) at the esteemed joint program offered by Paris School of Economics (PSE) and Ponts ParisTech (ENPC). Formerely a Project Manager at STELLANTIS, working closely with the development team to pioneer the latest generation of hybrid engines. Fond with Macro Analysis and Team Management. My aim is to assist International Organizations, Banking Institutions, and Consulting Firms in making well-informed investment decisions and exploring strategic opportunities through an economic, financial and sustainable lens.

Shruti GUPTA

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  • En quelques mots : Following the completion of my Industrial Engineering diploma at Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs in Rabat, I joined Société Générale Africa Technologies & Services as a Project Management Officer for two years, contributing to various strategic projects. I am enthusiastic about my enrollment in the MSc Sustainable Impact Analysis (SIA) program. This academic pursuit aims to enhance my expertise in economics, strategy, and sustainability. The program’s hybrid pedagogy, combining insights from PSE and technical knowledge from École des Ponts ParisTech, is particularly appealing. My professional objective is to provide valuable support to International Organizations, Banking Institutions, and Consulting Firms, focusing on informed investment decisions and strategic opportunities through an integrated approach encompassing economics, finance, project management, data analytics, and sustainability.

Hayeon NAM

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  • En quelques mots : Passionate about environmental policy and its impact on climate change, I have recently completed my bachelor’s degree in economics in South Korea. Over the course of four years, I gained knowledge in various economics domains, equipping me with the skills to work with datasets. As part of my academic journey, I spent a semester in France as an exchange student, where I took finance courses to complement my skill set. It was during this time that I decided to pursue my master’s degree in France. This motivated me to rapidly improve my French proficiency. I chose Master in SIA due to its strong practical orientation in sustainability. I am interested in working in the agri-food sector, utilizing cost-benefit analysis and the skills I’ve cultivated in multicultural settings. I look forward to exploring opportunities in this field and making a meaningful impact.

Takahiro NOMOTO

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  • En quelques mots : Before joining the SIA Master’s program, I worked at J.P. Morgan as a Sustainability Specialist. I served as a Taskforce Lead & Delegate for Values 20, a working group focused on creating values-based human-centric policy for the G20 and am a Director at the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets. I decided to join the SIA Program because the challenges we face as a global society are complex, multi-faceted and require a new way of decision-making that better accounts for non-financial factors. The cost benefit analysis method taught in the SIA program provides a unique economic lens, framework, and process to evaluate investment decisions which is increasingly important as more capital and policy are promoting sustainable endeavors and the UN SDGs. After this program, I would like to join a national, multi-lateral, and or multi-national organization that helps facilitate the green transition and or directly addresses the challenges and unique opportunities created by climate change.

Michael WELLS, CFA

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Bohan YANG

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