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PSE Ethics Charter

PSE teaching and research are based on the highest ethical standards. Our values are reflected in the integrity, ethics, excellence and independence of our research, respect for all members of the PSE community, and our social, civic and environmental responsibilities.

As an institution, PSE is committed to taking a responsible approach to all its activities and to ensuring the commitment of all participants (students, teachers, researchers and support staff) to the same. PSE will take all appropriate steps, in a collegial manner, to ensure that its values guide the behaviour of all.

To this end, PSE is establishing an ethics committee whose aims are to define the form and content of the obligations implied by respect for the values enumerated below, and to define the procedures designed to guarantee the adherence of the institution and all its members to these principles.

The PSE community is composed of students in PSE-accredited courses, PhD candidates attached to PSE, employees of PSE, members of PJSE, and all researchers and teacher-researchers affiliated or associated with PSE, regardless of the academic institution to which they are attached.

Our values

1. Scientific integrity

2. Freedom and independence of research

3. Respect for all

4. Social, civic and environmental responsibilities

The Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is an offshoot of CLEOR. Led by a representative of the PSE-PJSE management, it includes seven other permanent members, representing PhD candidates, researchers, and administrative and technical staff.