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5 reasons to choose the PSE Summer School 2023

#1 Learn from top scholars

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The PSE Summer School includes a team of more than 50 top professors in a wide variety of subjects, all dedicated to offering you a full-time top quality mix of courses and tutorials. There are 11 five-day programs, entirely run in English, taking place within a single work-week.

Each program comprises a full-time mix of lectures, tutorials and workshops, taught by PSE professors and other invited leading scholars, equivalent to 3 ECTS credits, which PSE validates.

#2 Gain new perspectives

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A Summer School is a very different experience from the ordinary academic or professional year. At PSE, you have the chance to seize the days - and the courses - to enrich your skills and to benefit from a unique combination of cutting-edge research, original methods and approaches, and inspiring teachers.

In 2023, as one of the top five Economics departments in the world, the Paris School of Economics is at the cutting-edge and avant-garde of economics and social sciences disciplines.

#3 Meet people from all over the world

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Over the last six editions, more than 70 nationalities have been represented among all the participants. This is a genuine opportunity to interact with a diverse range of professionals and students from a variety of backgrounds: analysts, economists and consultants in private and public bodies, PhD students, academics, managers…

The PSE teaching staff is also heterogeneous, including professors from the US, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Israel, New Zealand, Germany and more, in addition to French economists.

#4 Benefit from studying on our campus...

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The PSE Summer School takes place on the Jourdan campus, one step away from the Cité Universitaire and Montsouris Park, two steps away from the city centre via public transport. Bright classrooms, a green and quiet garden, numerous chill-out spaces and working facilities are waiting for you!

This year, all programs are open to both on site and online participants, with special accommodations to ensure the fruitfulness of this hybrid format.

#5 the beautiful city of Paris

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For centuries, Paris has created and recreated itself as one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the world, thanks to its architecture, its restaurants and cafes, and its river banks. It is unique: contemporary without having sacrificed its classical features.

To be sure you make the most of your stay in Paris, PSE offers social events, such as a boat tour. It’s a wonderful way to balance your everyday studies with the chance to visit the must-sees of the City of Light.

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