Economics serving society

PSE Partnership Programme

The PSE Partnership Programme has two ambitions:

  • To support firms and organisations to develop strategies in the face of the global challenges that are affecting their economic and social environments.
  • To break down barriers and to unite researchers, decision makers and economic actors around strong themes and topics, developed by major international research teams.

Research Chairs

PSE thus develops Research Chairs that benefit from non-academic partnerships to support its various research projects of three to five-year periods (renewable). PSE has formed twelve research chairs in partnership with public institutions, private firms and foundations, Ministries,...

Teaching Programmes

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PSE offers professional, inter-company and customised continuing education and also responds to requests from diverse sources for bespoke expertise that meets the precise operational needs of organisations. These studies and assessments, which can last anywhere from a few weeks to several years, result in fruitful exchanges between private actors and the academic world.
Within the PSE Partnership Programme, 3 types of courses are currently offered:


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In an increasingly complex environment, French or international administrations seeking to develop and evaluate public policies, as well as private decision-makers faced with difficult strategic choices, can count on the expertise of PSE researchers.
The foundation currently conducts dozens of projects for various entities (companies, ministries, international institutions, associations...). Know everything about the PSE Expertise.

The Macro Club

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Executives and managers from the public and private sectors can join the Macro Club, a place for regular exchanges between macroeconomists.
The Macro Club aims to create a regular meeting place between academic and operational macroeconomists, from both the public and private sectors, in order to exchange on the evolution of knowledge in the field and on new topics... learn more about this Club

Becoming a PSE sponsor

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Finally, individuals and companies can become Sponsors of the Paris School of Economics by contributing to the Foundation’s capital endowment. This long-term support is essential to the development and international influence of the research and training provided at PSE.
To become a sponsor of PSE is to support a project that contributes to increasing France’s international influence through its scientific and academic excellence in the field of economics. The status of scientific cooperation foundation allows patrons and donors to benefit from tax deductions.
Since its creation, PSE has been fortunate to have the support of the American Foundation for the Paris School of Economics (AFPSE) : learn more about the AFPSE.

The Strategic Development Board

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This Programme is helped by advice and support from the Strategic Development Board, composed of prominent personalities from private and public enterprises.
The SDB gathers personalities from the private and public business world. They advise and support the development of the PSE Partnership Programme. There are currently 10 members : Patrick Artus, Patricia Barbizet, Stéphane Boujnah, Anne Bouverot, Jean-François Cirelli, Benoît Coeuré, Martin Hirsch, Henri-Paul Rousseau, Dominique Senequier and Bernard Spitz.