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What is the G-MonD ?

The G-MonD is a research group whose principal aim is to animate and encourage economic debate and research into globalisation and development.
Co-directed by Denis Cogneau and Hillel Rapoport, its president is François Bourguignon.
G-MonD members are internationally-renowned PSE researchers, accompanied by an advisory board consisting of external members. The originality and strength of this think-tank derive from a number of different aspects of its work:

  • The main theme – the global economy – covers a wide range of research fields, including international trade, development policy, and macroeconomics;
  • The aim of the group to initiate a dialogue between firms, administrations and academic researchers via seminars, specific training programs, dedicated workshops, and so on;
  • Bringing out the links between economic analysis and the evaluation of public policies in order to maintain a balance between long-term projects and the ability to react to current events;
  • Worldwide visibility due to the close links between PSE and the major national and international economic organisations;
  • The ability to call on experts in a wide variety of topics and an ambitious programme of visiting researchers from abroad, in particular from the Southern hemisphere.

Its Activities

G-MonD carries out a number of different types of activities:
Long-term research programmes, leading to a series of working papers, and articles in international Economic journals and books, along with executive summary, "Policy briefs” and position papers, regular public seminars, debates and meetings, an annual conference on a major research subject, the hosting of foreign researchers, training sessions for government and corporate executives and chairs carried by firms.
The G-MonD is also supporting “Terangaweb-L’Afrique des Idées” (

Your firm is interested in joining this research Group ?

G-MonD is a meeting place for firms and PSE researchers working in the fields of international and development economics, trade, environmental economics and health. This partnership aims to reinforce the links between firms and the academic world, via joint projects, meetings and training programmes.
The financial contributions of partner institutions are tax-deductible: via the Crédit Impôt Recherche in the context of sub-contracted activities (PSE has benefited from this status since November 2009) and the tax deductions associated with corporate sponsorship.