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For twenty years, development and crises of the globalised economy have brought new challenges, by dint of their nature and scope: economic and financial crises, the spread of contagious diseases, inequalities between countries (and within countries), poverty, the transformation of North-South relations, and the rise in power of “emerging” economies, environmental and climate issues, pandemics, and so on.

The G-MonD, a French think-tank set up by PSE researchers, is dedicated to the analysis of sustainable and inclusive world development, via the analysis of:
> International Trade
> International movements of factors of production, public development aid
> Macroeconomic policy, both domestic and international
> Globalization and North-South rebalancing
> Sustainable Development

Download the pdf list of G-MonD members

Paris School of Economics
L. Behaghel (Development)
A. Benassy-Quéré (Global macro-economics)
F. Bilbie (Global macro-economics)
F. Bourguignon (Development, economies of the emerging countries, North-South balance)
D. Cogneau (Development)
D. Cohen (Global macro-economics, North-South balance)
M. Comola (Development)
F. Coricelli (Global macro-economics)
A-C. Disdier (International trade)
L. Fontagné (International trade, Development)
P-Y Geoffard (Health, pandemics)
J. Gignoux (Development)
G. Giraud (Global macro-economics)
F. Gubert (Development)
R. Guesnerie (Environment, global warming)
M. Gurgand (Development)
J.O. Hairault (Global macro-economics)
E. Iliopulos (Global maco-economics)
J. Imbs (Global macro-economics)
P. Koenig (International trade)
S. Lambert (Development, migrations)
K. Macours (Development)
T. Piketty (Inequalities and globalisation)
S. Poncet (Global macro-economics, emerging economies)
R. Rancière (Global macro-economics et Development)
K. Schubert (Environment)
H. Selod (Development)
E. Stancanelli (Development)
A. Suwa-Eisenmann (International trade, Development)
F. Toubal (International investment)
M-A Valfort (Development)
O. Vanden Eynde (Development)
T. Verdier (International trade, Development)
C. Winograd (Global macro-economics, North-South balance)
L. Wren-Lewis (Development)

Associate Researchers
M. Ben Salem (Paris 8, Development)
L. Chauvet (IRD, Dial, Development, public aid to development)
M. Crozet (Paris Sud, International trade)
G. De Menil (AFPSE, Global macro-economics)
A. Desdoigts (Paris Est, Global macro-economics)
S. Krautheim (Univ. Frankfurt, International trade)
M. Menendez (Paris-Dauphine, Dial, Development)
J. Mercenier (Paris 2, International trade)
S. Mesplé-Somps (IRD, Dial, Development)
R. Portes (LSE, Global macro-economics)
A-S Robilliard (IRD, Dial, Development)